Army Combat Shirt, MultiCam
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Brand new, military issue combat shirts!!! Very popular with the troops overseas.

 Designed for maximum comfort in warm and hot climates, the ACS is your ticket to staying cool when the action and the weather heat up.

Created with three of Massif's most innovative flame-resistant fabrics, the ACS has an ultra-light, breathable torso for wear under armor, and rugged, durable material for extra protection on the sleeves and armpit areas. The ACS passes rigorous flame testing including the ASTM D 6413/F2302-03 for vertical flame resistance.
 Army Combat Shirt Features:
Full flame-resistant construction - No-seam shoulders to minimize rubbing against armor - Zippered storage pocket - Concealable IR tab - New lightweight, flame-resistant resin zippers - Performance elbow assembly with SuperFabric abrasion dots and lightweight flame-resistant foam elbow pads - Double pen pocket - No-seam side panel construction - Hook and loop for attaching name, rank and flag - Hook and loop wrist closure
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  • Condition: New

Army Combat Shirt, MultiCam

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