Military Issue ACU Large Rucksack
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 This is the current US Military Issue ACU MOLLE II Large Ruck. Made in USA for the US Army. This Ruck has a Foliage Green frame, shoulder straps and Molded Waist Belt have all been enhanced for greater comfort and durability. Two Side Sustainment Pouches are also included. This is the Version II Ruck that has the integrated Sleep System Compartment. The Sleep System Compartment is large enough to hold the complete Modular Sleep System, or any other popular sleep system. The Sustainment Pouches are large enough to hold 3 complete MREs. This is an excellent system, that was designed for the US Military by US Military personnel. Condition Used - Good.

NOTE: This is a very hard to find item supplies are limited.

This Ruck is USED but in good/servicable condition.

  • Item #: ACURUCK
  • Condition: Used

Military Issue ACU Large Rucksack

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